The II Venezuelan Congress of Space Technology is conceived as an extraordinary opportunity for the meeting, dissemination, discussion and reflection of research in the space technology area and its impact on the development of nations. These events are generated as part of the work conducted by the Bolivarian Agency for Space Activities (ABAE), at national and international level and through the management of its professionals and experts in the space area, in partnership with institutions interested in the production of knowledge, advances and challenges of this type of technology, as well as the educational alternatives for space education of the 21st century.



To promote the use of space science and technology in the development and social progress of the countries, as well as its articulation for the strengthening of Venezuelan industrial and academic capacities.



To serve as a regional and international forum to present the experiences, strengths and advantages of space science and technology in national programs.
To analyze the impact of technology and space applications on the integral development of nations.
To examine the potential role of the academic and industrial sector, in the consolidation of national space activities, through the strengthening of research, development and innovation activities in this field.
To establish the needs and requirements of the space sector in the field of industrial and academic development, looking forward to promote the international cooperation in these fields of interest.
To contribute to the common thought of politics and space prospective, according to the development of the imaginary of the people
To identify the outcomes of the development of space activity in social programs and major national projects.



The II Venezuelan Congress of Space Technology, sponsored by the Bolivarian Agency of Space Activities (ABAE), will include a full range of academic sessions, plenary lectures, social events, among others, to promote the exchange of knowledge, experiences, opinions and policies among its participants. This event opens a spectrum of new themes different to previous editions, considering the opportunity to expand the discussion associated with the development of space science and technology.

The sections that contain the event are the following:


Engineering, operation and management of space systems.

Earth Observation

Space scientific measurements, including earth physic properties measures.


Global position systems (Navigation).

Space meteorology.

Natural Disaster Management.

Peaceful uses and exploitation of outer space.

National science and technology programs.

Projects for the space industrial development.

Social benefits of the use and application of the space technologies.

Popular power and social organizations.

Ecology and environment.

Territorial sovereignty.

Educational planning.

Educational Management.

Educational programs and projects.

Policy and prospective in space education.

Curriculum and training

Socialization of knowledge.

Gerencia espacial.

Space management. Space law. Prospective of Space Development. National and International Cooperation.

Space policies.

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